Geoffrey Madge

De Kunst van het Luisteren - Concert

We present De Kunst van het Luisteren (The art of listening) with Geoffrey Madge for the last time. In this farewell edition, Madge leads us in an exploration of the great stepping-stones in musical history.

The polyphony with which Jan Pieterzoon Sweelinck erected his Chromatische Fantasie has retained its relevance for over four centuries. With this piece he guided his contemporaries with artistic precision from the Renaissance straight into the heart of the Baroque. Yet it would take another five generations before J.S. Bach learned to exploit the full capacity of polyphony in his work. His Art of Fugue systematically reveals the essence of counterpoint, the effect of a number of independent voices sounding together. A few of Madge’s specialities, projection and acoustics in piano playing have pride of place in this edition by the inclusion of transcriptions by Ferruccio Busoni in the program. Madge became famous through his performances of Busoni’s work and in Korzo you can witness at close range how Madge the magician’s driving force transcends the physical limits of the instrument and surrounding space.

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Sweelinck - Fantasia Chromatica
Bach - Die Kunst der Fuge (selection)
Bewerking(en) from Ferruccio Busoni

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