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Korzo has been the start of an exciting career for many talented dance makers. The building in the Prinsestraat has always been a home for the dance, a birthplace that is intimately connected to the history of the dance in the Netherlands. Dance makers and dance lovers have this building to thank for countless special memories. We now begin a new chapter: a new story in a building with a future.

No story without an audience. We therefore cordially welcome you. In this festive opening program you will get to know all the nooks and crannies of the new house. You will be led in groups past works by various dance artists. They will give colour to the future of Korzo and the dance in the Netherlands. Kenzo Kusuda will lead you with Flora past the poetry of the body, David Middendorp combines his talents in the hallucinatory Blue Journey, and choreographer Alida Dors offers a reflection on her future as a dance maker with Or Fall For Everything. We are especially honoured by the participation of Jiří Kylián, artist of international renown and a true dance innovator. He takes on new challenges in the small auditorium, where he will realize his piece Anonymus in collaboration with dancers Sabine Kupferberg and Cora Bos-Kroese, and video artist Jason Akira Somma. Kylian’s Anonymus deals with the two worlds within us: the world we show and the world we hide. If we make our inner world public, the ‘secret’ will ultimately change and become public: a performance. Our secrets needs to remain locked inside us, but sometimes we can make a window and look at them.

A new building, a new story. The talented young dancers of Crosstown Den Haag will be your guides, led by Yada van der Hoek and take you on this exciting journey of discovery.


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