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Door de ogen van mijn stad

Kalpana Raghuraman | Korzo producties

The Singapore edition

Hindustani dancers, who practice different styles, are stripped loose from their traditional structures, narratives, and music. Kalpana Raghuraman from The Hague brings these dancers together and joins forces with them for the project Door de ogen van mijn stad (Through the eyes of my city). Moved by the political developments in the Netherlands, she explores matters concerning identity and the breakdown of society into smaller groups; they also examine their own relationship with the city. You are invited to enter these divers worlds and be transported through the eyes of the dancers.

The Singapore Edition
A celebration of SG50, 'Through the eyes of my city' is a homage to the nation of Singapore with its young history, its diverse and rich communities and its dynamic exuberant energy. By bringing dancers from different cultural communities together, this production looks at how dancers collaborate, how they find each other and how each group has its own qualities and uniqueness.

Kalpana Rahuraman
Kalpana Raghuraman, born and raised in the Netherlands and also deeply rooted in Indian culture, sees herself as a bridge builder between cultures, traditions, and people. In the course of many years, she was initiated by her mother in the secrets of the South Indian temple dance form Bharatanatyam.

In order to expand and intensify her training, Kalpana travelled to India to continue her dance studies and to do research for her studies in Cultural Anthropology into the changing dynamic in knowledge transferal concerning the Bharatanatyam. Kalpana distinguishes herself in the rich field of dance in the Netherlands because of her very personal dance style. With great knowledge and integrity, she dares to pry loose this classic dance form from its conventions and to make connections with modern dance. With this she places this dance form, which is steeped in centuries-old traditions, in the present, and allows it to have significance for a young and future generation.

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