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Dorian Gray

Ulrike Quade Company, Silbersee

The future of humanity, freed of humanity

Imagine that, because of modern technology, we would feel no pain, would never grow old and ugly, and never die? In that case, would machines have won from man? In a macabre fairy tale, Ulrike Quade and Romain Bischoff closely examine the malleability of man. They sought inspiration in Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. In this performance in between opera, evocative theatre, and technology, Dorian Gray is not a nineteenth-century dandy, but a contemporary perfectionist; perfect and immortal with the help of modern technology. With this new step in human evolution the question presents itself: what remains of humanity without decay and eventual demise?

concept Ulrike Quade and Romain Bischoff | producer Ulrike Quade | musical dramaturgy Romain Bischoff | libretto Marcel Roijaards | composition Leonard Evers and Akim Moiseenkov | creative coding Robert Liebner | costume design Marlou Breuls | light design Floriaan Ganzevoort | dramaturgy Thomas Lamers | performers (play, music, movement) Maarten VinkenoogAndré LourençoKadri Tegelmann

Dorian Gray is a production of Ulrike Quade Company and Silbersee

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