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Double-bill: Crosstown

Samir Calixto, Shailesh Bahoran | Korzo producties

Young ambitious dancers discover and develop their talents at Crosstown. They work at the highest level with professional Korzo choreographers such as Samir Calixto and Shailesh Bahoran. In Troublemakers, Calixto combines the fresh, anarchistic energy of the dancers with the powerful drive of the surprisingly contemporary sounds of Mozart’s Symphony nr. 25. In Tribe the versatile hiphop dancer and choreographer Shailesh Bahoran, together with the dancers, explores the degree of influence of the outside world on their way of life. With b-boying, popping and locking, and a healthy dose of originality, they try to stay true to themselves and retain their authenticity.

choreography Samir Calixto | dance Charissa Banwari, Ellen Dorrestein, Feri Dissiz, Kenji van Nieuwenhuizen, Sasha Marusheva, Saskia Crefcoeur, Sherelyn Suares, Zahira Suliman | costumes Jookje Zweedijk | light design Bas Vissers

choreography Shailesh Bahoran | dance Charissa Banwari, Daphne van den Homberg, Ellen Dorrestein, Kenji van Nieuwenhuizen, Salome Pegler, Sasha Marusheva, Sherelyn Suares, Suzanne Taal, Zahira Suliman | music Rik Ronner | costumes Carlijn Petermeijer | light design Bas Vissers | rehearsal director Yordana Rodriguez

Crosstown is a talent development project for young dancers in Korzo and is financially supported by Fonds 1818 and the Municipality of The Hague.

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