Double Bill: We must be willing to let go & Girl 29

T.R.A.S.H., well known for its uncompromising and theatrical dance performances, presents no less than two performances this evening, with femininity as featured subject; a voluptuous and wistful dance duet on water, followed by a one woman show. 

We must be willing to let go
Two dancers slide and fall in a continual pulse of movement and music. They lose their grip and are cast adrift on a floor flooded with water. In a cartoon-like manner, these women seem to want to rid themselves of unnecessary ballast. Emptiness, adrenaline, ridicule, and fragility stand side by side in this explosive and tragic dance duet, ridden with adrenaline, ridicule, hollowness and clichés.

Girl 29
The identity crisis of the female character unfolds in the glamour of the one woman show Girl 29. She changes, takes on different appearances and finds herself in a continual metamorphosis. In a humour-filled setting, though also fraught with menace, she is uncompromising in the search for her true self.

We must be willing to let go
choreography  Kristel van Issum | dance Oona Doherty, Lucie Petrušová | stage design Paul van Weert | composition Arthur van der Kuip | violin Walter de Kok

concept  and choreography Kristel van Issum | dance Tegest Pecht-Guido | stage design Paul van Weert | light Twan Mensen | composition Arthur van der Kuip | music/song Artemisz Polonyi or Georgi Sztojanov

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