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Dubbel Album Release Concert: Pete Harden | Peter Adriaansz

Ensemble Klang, Scordatura Ensemble

For years, frontman and guitarist Pete Harden of the ensemble from The Hague Klang has been fascinated by metal. He has translated this fascination into music; six pieces he recorded on 'Precious Metals'. This will be christened in their home base Korzo, together with a new album filled with delicate works by composer from The Hague and winner of the 2015 Matthijs Vermeulen Prize, Peter Adriaansz. Harden guides you through a world where everything hums, jingles, and vibrates with a soft glow. You enter a world filled with colourful vibrations, where tensions may mount, almost violently. Adriaansz lets long, almost static instrumental lines rub against very exact and very slowly passing tones. From this new shivering tones emerge, that light up and then extinguish. It is music of a very refined tinted light, where you can lose yourself chasing musical wildfire. 


20.30 Concert starts

Peter Adriaansz - Enclosures
1. Attachments performed by Saskia Lankhoorn
2. Interview: Peter Adriaansz & Benedict Schlepper-Connoly
3. Phrase performed by Ensemble Klang
4. Enclosures performed by Trio Scordatura

- break - (around 21.30)

21.50 Concert continues

Pete Harden - Precious Metals 
all performed by Ensemble Klang
1. Interview: Pete Harden & Vanessa Lann
2. Forming a Petal from a Piece of Metal
3. Berlin Bells
4. Steel Wounds & Beaten Sounds

Afterwards: drinks, eats, music in the bar

from the press

“Ensemble Klang bring more rhythm than the Upper West Side can handle” (, New York)

“Pure, uncompromising and relentless… Klang plays everything with an equal precision, intensity and integrity” (NRC Handelsblad, * * * * *) 

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