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Even Worse

Guilherme Miotto | DansBrabant, Podium Bloos

Choreographer Guilherme Miotto puts three remarkable dancers from the urban and modern dance scene together in a theatrical setting. From cutting-edge breakdance, experimental hip-hop to contemporary theater dance: Shane Boers, Simon Bus, and Evangelos Biskas are evenly matched. In Even Worse, you see them not as dancers, but as the young men that they are. This shows in the plainness and virtuosity of their movement, the nonchalance and the tension of their interaction, and in the familiarity of their obsession and loneliness. Stuck in their own worlds, they create heroic images in which they capture themselves again and again. Battling between resistance and submission, they organize the ultimate frustrated escape attempt. Pure impotence translated into pure physicality, at times exuberant, at times painful, sometimes sad, but always breathtaking.      

choreography Guilherme Miotto | dance Shane Boers, Simon Bus, Evangelos Biskas | soundscape Joel Ryan | stage & light design Erik van de Wijdeven | costumes Guilherme Miotto | dramaturgy Moos van den Broek

Even Worse is produced by DansBrabant in coproduction with Podium Bloos and financially supported by the Municipality of Breda and the Performing Arts Fund NL.

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