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Exhausting Space

Iván Pérez | Korzo producties

The Spanish-Dutch choreographer Iván Pérez is, next to his commisions for Korzo, a frequently asked choreogapher for renowed companies such as Ballet Moscow and the BalletBoyz from London. Pérez is well known for his poetic, clear dance style, which is stripped down to its bare essentials. He now employs this style to interpret the way we relate to each other in our complex world. Our world, where everything is connected, but boundaries can easily be transgressed. Presented as an adaptation of his previous work Attention, the doors are closing! created in Moscow, three dancers use every corner of the theatre surrounded by the audience. Tirelessly and affectionately, they exhaust perspectives of personal space and use their bodies in search for unity. Even though the boundary that separates intimacy from intimidation is fragile, the dancers push the limits anyway. Tenderly they discover new possibilities for human connectedness.

concept, choreography, stage design Iván Pérez | dance Nina Botkay/Inés Belda Nacher, Christopher Tandy, Iván Pérez | dance apprentice Cristian Arenas | music Rutger Zuydervelt | light design Peter Lemmens | costumes Carlijn Petermeijerassistant choreography Inbal Abir | premiere 12 February 2015, CaDance Festival, Korzo theatre, The Hague

Exhausting Space is an adaptation of Attention, the doors are closing! created at Theatre Ballet Moscow in coproduction with Korzo productions and is financially supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.

from the press

"Former NDT dancer Pérez has his own style of movement, completely organic with a constant flow and total physical control. A magnificent solo danced by the choreographer underlines the strength of his dancing, which impresses through the driving rhythm of Rutger Zuyderveldt's electronic music." (

"...three powerhouse dancers." (

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