Film: Krishnanattam

The dance drama Krishnanattam is based on the highly acclaimed poetic work Krishnageeti, written in 1653 CE, that describes the life of Lord Krishna. This documentary gives an insight into the performance practice of this dance drama in the famous Krishna temple of Guruvayoor. It also presents the richness of the spectacular Indian dance theatre form of Kathakali.

Krishnanattam (1992, 18 min.)

In close partnership with the Indian Film Festival The Hague and Film Divisions, a special film program was compiled for the India Dance Festival. Various documentaries give an impression of important choreographers, dancers, and the different dance styles, often with exclusive footage. The showings of these documentaries begin at 19:00 hrs. in Club Korzo. There will be a marathon showing of the entire program on Sunday 14 October. This program is definitely not to be missed by fans of Indian dance.

18:00-20:00 Indian Buffet
Restaurant Ramna (Molenstraat 12) offers a delicious buffet of Indian cuisine in Korzo for only € 15,-.

Click here for the entire program of the Indian Dance Festival.

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