Gerri Jägers STUG

Sofia Jernberg, Joachim Badenhorst, Raphael Vanoli, Trevor Dunn

The name of drummer Gerri Jäger is a guarantee for wild listening adventures. He works on the cutting edge of improvisation, electronics, and experimental music, with a drum kit adorned with an astonishing array of electronics and effects. With his regular brother-in-arms Raphael Vanoli on guitar, he plays music that cheerfully shifts between indie rock and impro-punk. They made a great impression with the quintet STUG that Jäger had collected for a one-off appearance in Amsterdam. Without preparation or agreement beforehand, they played fifteen minutes of gentle, colourful music. Now, STUG is back for a few more concerts. Reed player Joachim Badenhorst and singer Sofie Jernberg will join him once again. This time the phenomenal bassist Trevor Dunn, from the scene around the New York innovator John Zorn, will join the ranks. What can you expect? Instruments in free fall, a musical amusement park of uninhibited tumbling and daredevil acrobatics. ‘But also structure’, says Jäger with a grin, something to hold on to before they dive into the depths again.

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