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In his solo Heritage, Shailesh Bahoran goes in search of his Hindustani roots and their significance for his identity as a person and as a dancer. In a way that is unique, Bahoran explores Indian mythology and Indian dance traditions from the point of view of his own disciplines of popping and bboying (break dance). Bahoran sees many similarities between classical Indian dance and hip-hop.

In Heritage, Bahoran presents a unique and original synthesis of hip-hop and Indian dance. However, Bahoran does not aim to develop a new dance style. The motive behind Heritage is a personal search for his Hindustani roots. “I’m very much inspired by classical Indian dance: I like to watch it and it gives me lots of information. I’ve studied the tradition more and more. And that has become more important in the dance.”

dance, choreography Shailesh Bahoran | lighting design Peter Lemmers

With thanks to Rik Ronner. Heritage is a production by Spin Off and Korzo productions in collaboration with ISH. Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten.

from the press

"This style of dance is probably the last thing one would expect at the Indian Dance Festival, but for solo dancer and choreographer Shailesh Bahoran it fits like a glove. (…) It is possibly the most haunting and tenderest form of breakdance ever presented. It comes hardly as a surprise that he chose the music of the touching movie ‘Bombay’ for his choreography. With staccato poppin movements he catches the sensitive and heartbreaking violin play gently from head till toe. Drops, floor rocks and headflips echo the waves of the music towards the fragile end." (Pulse Magazine)

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