Honey Crypto

Honey Crypto, the new choreography by the Japanese Kenzo Kusuda, celebrates the sweet sensuality of Man and nature, and the magical power of healing wounds. Kusuda finds his inspiration in the golden glow of the sun that’s just about to disappear behind the horizon, and, like a ball of dripping honey, has a magnetic attraction on Man and animal.

What matters for Kusuda is not only the enticement and appeal that comes with this attraction, but also the energy that is freed when this force dissipates. Energy that reveals what was hidden, that loosens what seemed to be stuck; energy that gives new life to that which we had lost or had forgotten. Kusuda’s movement language refers again to the concept of an invisible force. Kenzo Kusuda, seen as the poet of Dutch modern dance writes in beautiful, enigmatic images and brings other, equally beautiful and enigmatic images on stage. In his universe, one can wander in a forest of astonishment.

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Choreography Kenzo Kusuda | dance Mireia de Querol Duran, Angelina Deck, Kay Patru, Joeri Dubbe | music Ivo Bol & Kenzo Kusuda | costumes Natascha Helmer | lighting design Peter Lemmens | artistic consultant Jaap Flier.

Honey Crypto is a Korzo production and is made possible with financial support through project subsidy of the Netherlands Fund for the Performing Arts. With thanks to Danslab (Den Haag) for the space and opportunity for a preliminary study project as part of Honey Crypto.

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