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Jij bent 'm! (6+)

Ryan Djojokarso, Bram Jansen | Korzo producties

The old game of tag reinvented

Five dancers enthusiastically chase each other around and get lost in rules that tumble over each other and keep changing. A playful game ensues where they go together in search of the rules. When are you ‘it’? How many people can ‘tag’? Do you help someone in need? Jij bent 'm! (you’re it!) is a sportive and dynamic performance by choreographer Ryan Djojokarso and theatre maker Bram Jansen where rules of behaviour are slowly revealed. But in the end, they have to agree on these rules so that the real game can begin. But watch out! You’ll get caught up in this game of tag before you know it.

Choreography Ryan Djojokarso | concept Ryan Djojokarso and Bram Jansen | performance Jochem Eerdekens, Carlo Camagni, Sammie Hermans, Maria Zhukova and Elizaveta Zhukova

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< 27 / student

€ 9,-

This performance is part of Festival De Betovering.

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