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Lalla Rookh

Shailesh Bahoran | Korzo producties, ISH, Spin Off, IRC Company

In 1873, the first emigrants from India thought they were travelling to Shri-ram, the land of God.  They were greatly alarmed and disappointed when the hatch of their ship Lalla Rookh opened in Surinam and they looked into the face of a Creole for the first time. A devil, they thought. They were put to work as contract workers, also called ‘kantrakis’. Taking this history as a point of departure, six dancers led by Shailesh Bahoran present a challenging mixture of hip-hop, popping, and breakdance in which the inspiration of Indian dance is ever-present. A moving performance about the search for one’s own identity in a strange land.

concept, direction, choreography Shailesh Bahoran | dance, choreography Herrold Anakotta, Gaffar Binda, Kevin van der Kleij, Navin Roepan, Naïma Souhaïr, Sharani Sowikromo | music Rik Ronner | dramaturgy Vincent Rafis | special thanks to Melanie van der Mee, Illusionary RockaZ Crew, Shueti

Lalla Rookh is a production of Spin Off and Korzo producties in collaboration with ISH. Financially supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.

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