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M - Samir Calixto

Samir Calixto | Korzo producties, Nederlands Dans Theater

In recent years, Samir Calixto made a great impression with his adaptation of Winterreise (after Schubert), 4 Seasons (after Vivaldi) and Paradise Lost (after Milton). With an uncompromising crossing of pure musicality and intense physicality, he digs deeply into the themes of his performances until they achieve a timeless quality.

For his new performance M he sought inspiration in the philosophical insights of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Also Sprach Zarathustra. Nietzsche set great store by the knowledge contained in the human body: “there is more wisdom in the body that in the deepest philosophy”. In M, Samir focuses on the power of transformation that the body possesses. Accompanied by a modern arrangement of music by Mahler, five male dances present their entire humanity on stage: their physical and mental effort and dedication, their extreme force and vulnerability, and their personal fortunes and paradoxes. 

concept, choreography, sound Samir Calixto | dance Samir CalixtoThibault Desaules, Ivan Montis, Quentin Roger, Gino Taytelbaum | music Gustav Mahler, Lumisokea, Mika Vainio | lighting design Pavla Beranova | costumes Min Li | scenography Pavla Beranova, Samir Calixto

is a coproduction of Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater.

At several moments during the performance a snake will be present on stage. Optimal safety precautions, care and supervision are gueranteed by Foundation PretMetRep Reptile Shelter.

from the press

"Choreographer Samir Calixto opens a fascinating universe in M (…) a timeless no man’s land where lust and passion form the primal stimuli of life.” (Cultuurpers.nl)

“The athletic Samir Calixto himself, Thibault Desaules, Ivan Montis, Quentin Roger en Gino Taytelbaum; they are all wonderful dancers. At least they are used to great advantage by Calixto. His dance vocabulary, strongly from the midriff and the deep bending of the knees like in capoeira dance, has been well assimilated by the dancers. And precisely on a cue in the music, they move synchronously from the chaos like a flock of birds.” (Cultuurpers.nl)

“M is a thematically strongly developed and well executed dance performance in which Samir Calixto deliberately connects modern dance, the nineteen century fin de siècle, and a preconscious primal world in image, sound, and movement.” (theaterkrant.nl ★★★★)                                                     

“Nietsche’s ideas form a stimulating framework.” (De Volkskrant)

“Just saw an amazing performance by Samir Calixto at @Korzotheater in The Hague #samircalixto #ndt #korzo #thehague #fabnight”
(Kathalijne / @photokathelijne)

“@Korzotheater @samircalixto thought it was beautiful: human and animal in this case. #bijzonder”
(Goudse Schouwburg / @schouwburggouda)

“M: an evening filled with passions, awareness & transformation. Wow! @Korzotheater @samircalixto”
(Julie Vegter / @juliebenjulie)

“A real must see” (Bert Ruitenbeek)

“A wonderful performance, DON’T MISS IT, GREAT DANCERS, GREAT MUSIC, IMPRESSIVE” (Wil van Overloop)

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