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Zinzi Oegema | TENT circustheater producties, Perplex

“I am a human being, an individual and part of society. Am I responsible for the choices of others? Should I act?”

The life-paths of acrobatic artists Zinzi & Evertjan have intertwined. As a duo, one can experience so much together that your respective paths can begin to merge together. You become a unit, yet just as much each other’s opposite. Connection and an urge towards freedom fight for precedence. Under the flag of TENT, Zinzi Oegema made three short performances, the first of which is MEMO. It is a dynamic performance about the preservation of your own identity and (in)dependence within a smaller and larger whole.

Zinzi graduated with her duo partner Evertjan in 2011 from Codarts/Acapa. With their partner acrobatics, they create work that is original and refreshing. Their performance View has won numerous awards; they have collaborated with the Canadian Les sept doigts de la main, the German Hyrrä, the French Cie XY, and the Dutch TENT.

performers Zinzi Oegema, Evertjan Mercier | direction Zinzi Oegema | coaches Lucas de Man, Andrew Greenwood, Denis Dulon | decor Evertjan Mercier | costumes Lisa Jonker | light Vincent Millet | music Janos Koolen | producer TENT |  coproducer Perplex

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