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Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest, Ayatallah Emrane Chekara, Arturo & Erminia

Spain has been part of the Arab Empire for almost eight centuries. No wonder the influence of Arabic music on flamenco and vice versa is clearly present. A nice concept which forms the basis for a thrilling musical evening. String player Ayatallah Emrane Chekara - grandchild of the famous innovator Abdesadaq Chekara - is central during this evening. His grandfather was able to connect the folk music to Arabo Andalus scales and create crossovers with flamenco. Together with the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, dance duo Arturo & Erminia and two guests from Casablanca and Tunis, he plunges into a thrilling investigation, in which the links between flamenco and Arabo Andalus music are explored far beyond a simple fusion.

strings Ayatallah Emrane Chekara | dance Erminia & Arturo (Den Haag), Wajdi Gagui (Casablanca), Ahlam El Morsli (Tunis)

Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest
Mohamed Chairi violin, voice | Dwight Breinburg violin, translation, voice| Abderahim Semlali violin | Abdelgafour Attahiri voice, tamboerine | Jaafar Lougmani violin | Idriss Emrane Chekara rebab, tamboerine, darbuka

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