Muse on Screw

Secretive shapes float in the atmosphere
windswept with the wrinkles of time, creases of space
listening to the rustling of souls,
in the space between appearing and disappearing
they are carried away by the current of rapture through the folds of the present...

After the success of the duet Moisture Rocket - the first choreography presented by Kusuda in the Netherlands - he debuted in the CaDance festival with Muse on Screw: a duet for dancer Nora Heilmann and himself.

Choreography Kenzo Kusuda | dance Nora Heilmann and Kenzo Kusuda | composition Kumi Nakajiama (viola and vocals), Ivo Bol | dramaturgyKenshiro Nakata | consultant Miki Sugiura | lighting/design Josanne Buiting and Piet Mensonides.

from the press

‘As he does in Moisture Rocket, Kusuda and Nora Heilmann dance a Golden Goose fairy-tale with remarkable concentration.’ (de Volkskrant, November 2002)

‘The two snap, shake and jackknife synchronously through space, but the sensual undertone makes for a pleasantly sensitive ‘Japanese’ dance poetry...’ (NRC Handelsblad, November 2002).

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