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Q4: Quantified

Sarada Sarita | ISH Dance Collective

A powerful statement on the human tendency toward narrow-mindedness

In her own distinctly personal way dancer, performer, and choreographer Sarada Sarita brings her political appeal for humanity, equality, and awareness together with dance. For this final piece of her research project with ISH Dance Collective, she sought inspiration in Carl Jung’s theory of ‘Quaternity’ – a geometric figure that exudes a sense of unity. With New Way Vogue, the dancers dive into the human psyche in Q4: Quantified. Vogue began in the eighties’ as a movement against the repression of minorities in New York. With their moves, poses and forms they breach the labyrinthin in which we get lost because of our own patterns. Q4: Quantified is a statement, a search for a higher perspective to break through and transcend the boxes that keep us trapped.

concept and choreography Sarada Sarita in cooperation with the performers | dance Carlotta ‘Shiva’ Ippolito, Venla Miila Kaarina Keskinen, Xiomara Virdo van Eendenburg, Mattia ‘Nagato' Palumbo, Sarada Sarita | hair hanging Moa Holgersson | vocal Otion- Guillermo Blinker | music Rik Ronner, Moa Holgersson, Otion & several artists | concept light design Mike den Ottolander | costumes Rani Art 

Q4: Quantified is powered by ISH Dance Collective and is made possible thanks to the Nieuwe Makersregeling of Performing Arts Fund NL.

duration 60 minutes

On Sunday January 27 there will be an aftertalk hosted by Alida Dors.

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