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Sat Cit Ananda

Shailesh Bahoran | Spin Off, Korzo producties, ISH

At the 2013 India Dance Festival, urban dancer Shailesh Bahoran made a big impression with his solo Heritage. For this new duet he is once again inspired by his Hindu roots. Together with Rajiv Bhagwanbali, he enters the mythical world of the Veda’s. Mantra’s and paths never travelled evoke questions about origin, meaning and direction. Through ancient archetypes the dancers examine how power, illusion, tradition and culture form a canvas for identity and freedom in movement. They allow themselves to be inspired by ancient traditions but use contemporary dance like popping, breakdance and experimental hip hop to tell their story. The result is an idiosyncratic fascinating fusion of East and West.

Shailesh Bahoran is a versatile hiphop dancer and choreographer who distinguishes himself through his phenomenal technique, originality and expression. He has firm roots in the hiphop culture but is certainly not afraid to think outside the box. “In the end it’s all dance” according to Bahoran. At the end of the nineties he was gripped by the breakdance virus. He mastered various styles: bboying, locking and popping and made a name for himself and for his crew Illusionary Rockaz in the battle circuit.

choreography Shailesh Bahoran | dance Shailesh Bahoran and Rajiv Bhagwanbali | lighting design Bas Vissers 

Sat Cit Ananda is a production of Spin Off and Korzo producties in collaboration with Ish. The production has been made possible by a subsidy of the Fonds Podiumkunsten.

from the press

"Korzo’s annual Voorjaarsontwaken (Spring awakening) programme of work from new and burgeoning talent offered us a new, daring and insightful look at dance this year with its overall  theme of fusion – not only across different dance styles but also across cultures. A perfect example of this is Shailesh Bahoran’s fascinating and arresting Sat Cit Ananda, in which, with his partner Rajv Bhagwanbali, he entrances us with his idiosyncratic and unlikely mix of traditional Indian dance and elements of street dance,  like popping and experimental hip hop. The title  refers to the Hindu concept of “being, awareness, bliss” and you indeed see the dancers almost entering a state of sublime bliss, bordering on the ecstatic, as they revel in the frenetic repetitions of now staccato, now liquid movement, shadowing each other as if one being, and whipping up a frenzy that ends up in a climax of fiercely executed virtuoso horizontal hand spins by Bahoran." (Ali Mahbouba, Dance Europe)

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