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Ensemble Scala

Unorthodox composer Peter Adriaansz doesn't shy away from experimentation and is always curious about new forms of sounds. He calls his work "audible mathematics". During Dag in de Branding, Korzo presents a concert portrait featuring composer Adriaansz. Microtonal influences are unmistakably present in his more recent works. It's no accident that the Scala Ensemble, specialized in microtonal music will perform the premiere of his Scala I. A number of compositions from his famous vibrating cycle Waves will be performed in a concert given by Ensemble Klang. A special afternoon of music that honours the versatility of this composer.

PROGRAM Ensemble Scala (o.l.v. Sander Germanus) 
Peter Adriaansz - Scala I (2012 world premiere)
Nicola Vicentino - Musica prisca caput (1555)
Sander Germanus - Gallium (2010/2011)
Steffen Krebber - Zerscheinen  (2010)

A combination ticket with Ensemble Klang at 15:30 is €20,00.
you can also order a passe partout for the whole day trough Dag in de Branding. Early Bird price is only €35,00

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