Silent Force

Gross Dance Company

My song is a solo created specially for Shirley Esseboom. She was honoured with a Golden Swan for her impressive dance career in 2009. In this creation, Sagi Gross explores the inner motives and inevitable physical development of the dancer’s body. He explores the sensibilities as well as the strength of this dancer. Hidden emotions and memories are slowly revealed.

In Silent Force attraction and trials of strength are central. The dancers revolve around each other like the planets of a solar system. They seem unaware of each other’s existence. They become engaged in a game where an invisible manipulative energy merges their autonomous connections. A confrontation is inevitable.


concept Sagi Gross, Jeroen Fransen | choreography Sagi Gross | dramaturge Jeroen Fransen | dance Shirley Esseboom,  Lauri Kee Schep, Christian Guerematchi | music Giuseppe Scarlatti, Edward Elgar, Murcof  | production Florain Verheijen | supported by Korzo producties, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds and Studio Dok

Silent Force is produced by Gross Dance Company.

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