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Samir Calixto | Cello Octet Amsterdam, Korzo producties

A performance about the longing for consolation and tranquility to music by Arvo Pärt

The iconic music of Arvo Pärt is a source of inspiration for many people because of its timeless and almost ethereal quality. The purity and freedom of his music touches on the longing for consolation and tranquility in times of confusion and unrest. The tranquility and silence in Pärt’s work are just as important as the musical notes. It is this ‘music of silence’ that brought together choreographer Samir Calixto and the Amsterdam Cello Octet to create Summa. Pärt called the Cello Octet ‘ein Goldstück’ and wrote compositions specially for them that now form the basis for Summa. With great concentration, eight ‘cellists and two dancers present a synthesis of the music and knowledge that is locked inside our bodies: a ‘summa’ of our human complexity.

compositions Arvo Pärt | live music Cello Octet Amsterdam | choreography Samir Calixto | dance Quentin Roger and Camilla Montesi Aimee Lagrange (original cast Maria Chiara Mezzadri) | light design Pavla Béranova | costumes Min Li | set design Samir Calixto | set Pink Steenvoorden | cellists Esther Torrenga, Sanne van der Horst, Sanne Bijker, Geneviève Verhage, Marcus van den Munckhof, Claire Bleumer, Rares Mihailescu, René van Munster

Summa is a Korzo production and is financially supported by the City of The Hague, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, VSB Fonds, Zabawas and M.A.O.C. Gravin van Bylandt Stichting.

from the press

The orchestration was ideally suited and exploited the rich tones of the cello and moved seamlessly from melodic, sublime moments to those of aggressive discord punctuated by sustained silence. The flavours and colours of the composition had echoes of Schubert, Schoenburg, Max Richter and, not surprisingly, every other cello piece you care to think of and was a joy to be immersed in.' ArtsTalkMagazine

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