An electrifying contrast of two kindred spirits, searching in their own dance-idiom… the duo formed by Amos-Ben Tal and Kenzo Kusuda has it all. They have never worked together, nor have they ever met, on stage or off. In the run-up to the CaDance festival 2006 they suddenly found themselves together in the studio assigned to make and dance a new choreography. A challenge in which their intuition will be an important guide.

Tangent shows two people feeling out each other, finding each other or letting go. Tangent refers to the point, or rather the situation in which someone suddenly changes course. This is visualised by a curve that touches a straight diagonal and then turns off in another direction.

Amos Ben-Tal and Kenzo Kusuda examine this process more closely in their choreography. They compare it to waking up together; waking up from a world that is exclusive and personal, unknown to the other, they sound out the space around them, they meet and their two worlds merge for a moment

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