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Welcome to (y)our life

Antonin Comestaz | Participants Monday Movement Class, Korzo producties

Every Monday, something special happens in Korzo. Derived from a passion for dance and movement, amateurs and dance professionals meet each other during the Monday Movement Class. The synergy that arises between them is so inspiring that on the initiative of the participants in 2016 the first production was presented. The enthusiasm of both participants and audience was so great that a second edition was inevitable. This time, the French choreographer Antonin Comestaz has been chosen. In Welcome to (y)our life the participants go on a discovery tour to the dancer inside us. Without thinking about it, you organize your body daily through space and time. Unconsciously you make a choreography, you are a dancer.

choreography Antonin Comestaz | dancers Henriëtte Bernal (coordination), Vincent Boers, Maggie Chau, Ksenya Kulchytska, Kleopatra Papapanagiotou, Sanne Pluimers, Ana Portela, Pia Rener, Elisavet Tompolidou, Kwok Wan, Katherine Xiang, Stefano Zucchini | rehearsal director Barbara D’Agostino | music Antonin Comestaz, Leonardo Marletta, Nils Frahm, Interface Type Seven, Huges le Bars | light design Bas Vissers | special thanks to Maggie Chau, Berta Cussó, Leonie Gerrits, Hasan Gök, Sanne Pluimers, Stacz Wilhelm

Welcome to (y)our life is produced by Korzo and created with support of Cultuurschakel.

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