Whispering in my pillow

Ensemble Modelo62

Exploring a body in whispered thoughts in nocturnal darkness is an intimate experience. In Whispering in my Pillow by Claudio F. Baroni, Ensemble Modelo62 from The Hague, colours the sensual words writer Michitaro Tado used to sense a body with softly glistening lines. These reflections are the starting point for pieces of music that set the ears on edge. In a series of miniatures, Peter Ablinger puts layers of noise over the sound of the acoustic instruments. The American Peter Garland creates a sound world filled with detachment and warmth in two early works with extended chords abbreviated by long silences. In Passing, which premieres in this concert, poet-composer Samuel Vriezen paints worlds of sound in changing hues and textures. La Puerta by friend and composer, the Argentinean Cecilia Pereyra is also a premier.


  • Whispering in my pillow (2016), Claudio F. Baroni (Haagse première)
  • New Work (2016), Samuel Vriezen (wereldpremière) 
  • Instrument und Rauschen, Peter Ablinger
  • Two Persian Miniatures (I and II) (1971), Peter Garland
  • La Puerta (2015), Cecilia Pereyra
  • Situación (2007 revised 2017), Gabriel Paiuk (Europese première)

composition Ablinger, Baroni, Garland, Paiuk, Pereyra and Vriezen

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