Wojtek Justyna Tree... Oh!?

"Definitely Something"Album Release

The Wojtek Justyna Tree… Oh!? offers an intriguing fusion of jazz and funk. Lead by Polish guitarist Wojtek Justyna whose versatility, imaginative compositional style and sense of humor make this band’s music and live performances both electrifying and entertaining. The Tree… Oh!? plays Wojtek’s original music, enriched by refreshing guitar sounds, dynamic solos and fiery interplay between the band members. Wojtek is accompanied by Daniel Lottersberger (A) on bass and Alex Bernath (DE) on drums.

The band has played countless shows all over The Netherlands from local clubs to large concert halls (Dr. Anton Philipszaal). In 2010 they were featured on a compilation CD called LOVE/LIVE/LISTEN to The Hague which showcases the energy, talent, passion and creativity of musicians residing in The Hague. In 2011 the Wojtek Justyna Tree.. Oh!? was awarded 2nd prize at the Zoetermeer Jazz Concours.

On their upcoming album Definitely Something (2015) the Tree… Oh!? delivers tight, grooving arrangements filled with colorful harmonies and melodies that are bound to stick. For this recording Wojtek invited a number of international guests to add their own personalities into the mix. From heavy funk grooves to modern soul, from low down blues to African roots topped off with the Tree… Oh’s!? electric jazz sound, Definitely Something has fusion written all over it!

Wojtek Justyna guitar | Daniel Lottersberger bass | Alex Bernath drums

with Diogo Carvalho percussion

special guests Poliana Vieira vocals | Mame Balla vocals | Rodrigo Parejo flute

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