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The Wolf Project

Külli Roosna & Kenneth Flak | Korzo producties

25th of March, 1949: Külli Roosna’s grandmother was deported to Siberia together with tens of thousands of other Estonians. Many didn’t survive the journey. Her memories of this are not somebody’s cleverly written fiction novel, but are personal and very real experiences of living under an oppressive regime.

Can you fight monsters without becoming one yourself? In an age of lone wolf terrorism and the rise of old extremisms in new uniforms, Roosna & Flak reflect on the experience of living under the yoke of totalitarian ideas in an evening-length dance performance. How can an individual resist an absolute power without destroying her own values and herself in the process? What is a single life worth in the big scheme of things, when horrible means are justified by a seemingly noble end? The Wolf Project is a chilling physical document exploring a history of terror and oppression, of forces lurking in the shadows of our apparently well-groomed democracy, never more than a grand idea away.

choreography and dance Kenneth Flak, Külli Roosna | music Yann Coppier | light design Thomas Dotzler | costume design | Asalia Khadjé | dramaturgy Thomas Falk

The Wolf Project is a Korzo production in co-production with STÜ/Estland and is financially supported by Norwegian Arts Council, Ministerie van OCW, de Norwegian Fund for Sound and Image and  Eesti Kultuurkapital.

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audience reactions
"The Wolf Project" was just great! Utterly enjoyable! Fantastic! So deep, so sharp, so to the point without excess! Perfect acting, smooth dance! Original solutions and interesting symbols! Bravo! I recommend everybody this story of suffering, pain and fight!"

"It portrayed very well the mental oppression and the sickness not only in the times of deportation but also the mentality where the world is going at the moment. There are only two choices - be oppressed or be the oppressor. And like always it's hard to be on either sides, so you just try to step out of the game that just pulls you in again."

"The Wolf Project" was awesome! Piercing and deep! Moving and thrilling!

"Wow! Memorable, impressive performance!"

"Külli and Kenneth’s choreographic language is impressive as always. Lightness, plasticity and synchronicity; it’s a true pleasure to see how the movement patterns are played out. This is an esthetic professionalism that allows the audience to choose whether they want to focus on the movements details or the story being told through these movements."

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