Get Close To Talent!

Korzo is well known for being an adventurous venue for young and talented artists in the old city center of The Hague. Korzo is also one of the most important modern dance producers in the Netherlands. Korzo’s activities always include names of young or leading choreographers associated with initiatives that give fresh impulses to the Dutch dance scene.

As an art producer and cultural entrepreneur, Korzo is a vital link in the development of choreographers in the Netherlands. Korzo scouts new talent, sharpens artistic identities, and kick-starts careers of beginning professional artists. Korzo also gives talent visibility, a factor of equal importance. In these times when the government relinquishes its role as a financier of the arts, support from the public becomes increasingly important. Financial support for Korzo’s activities is constituted in part by donations from private individuals, funds, and businesses.

Would you like to support Korzo’s talents? There are various ways in which you can.

1. Friends
2. Donations

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Prinsestraat 42
2513 CE Den Haag

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Postbus 13407
2501 EK Den Haag