Korzo is an important factor in the development of choreographers in the Netherlands. As an arts producer and cultural entrepreneur, Korzo facilitates talent development, development of the arts, and displays the results for a wide audience. Korzo is not limited to one style or school, but entertains any direction chosen by any artist, of any persuasion or direction of exploration, with quality as the only criteria. This diversity of activities draws artists from all over the world to Korzo and The Hague. Works that are produced in Korzo are then shown the world over.

Are you interested in talent development, and do you want to get involved? Support Korzo and young talent with a donation.

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Do you have a business or company and wish to support Korzo? Please get in touch with Daphne van Iperen through For more information on the ‘Geefwet’ (Government rules on donations) see the website of the Belastingdienst.

Korzo has been designated an ‘institution for the general good’ (ANBI). This entails that donations to Korzo are deductible from income- and corporate tax.

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