Audition Antonin Comestaz / Korzo

male/female contemporary dancers

For his new production For all we know, French choreographer Antonin Comestaz is looking for dancers that; have a sense of humor, are honest, theatrically embodied and detailed, have a clearity of language, are high technically skilled and are comfortable with improvisation technique. Stagiaires are welcome to apply.


date Saturday 22 June 2019
time 10:00 - 18:00 (studio open from 10:00. The audition starts at 10:30 with a warm-up)
location Korzo theatre, Prinsestraat 42, Den Haag


• October, November, December 2019 
• January 2020 
(detailed schedule will follow)

Montage and Shows
• 20, 21 and 22 January 2020, Montage
• 23 January 2020, Premiere, Holland Dance Festival
• 24 and 25 January 2020, performances, Holland Dance Festival


If you are interested to join, please apply via the application form. Deadline application: 14 June 2019.

For all we know / Holland Dance Festival

The work of Antonin Comestaz has playful and absurdistic tone with an incredible movement creativity. It gives his style a complete unique charme. Behind the captivating lightness lies the seriousness and authentic passion of a versatile creative artist who we’re sure to hear more of. “For all we know” is the annual co-production performance between NDT and Korzo theater.

And on the first day, God said, “Let there be light!”, and there was light. But God waited until the third day to make the sun. So what lit the earth for the first two days? When it’s zero degrees outside and the forecast for the next day says it will be twice as cold, what will be the temperature? When a fly lands on the ceiling, when is he upside down? And where does the colour white go when the snow melts? These are the childishly poetic questions Antonin Comestaz definitely does not want to answer in For all we know.

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