Fotografe Linda Zhengová volgt choreografen van Up & Coming Choreographers

Net als voorgaande jaren, werkt er weer een jonge getalenteerde fotografiestudente van de Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (KABK) mee aan het programma Up & Coming Choreographers: Linda Zhengová. Zij volgt met de camera de choreografen in hun creatie van de voorstellingen. Het uiteindelijke resultaat wordt geëxposeerd in de foyer van het Korzo theater. Deze is te zien parallel aan de voorstellingen van Up & Coming Choreographers van 20 t/m 22 juni en 3 t/m 6 juli 2019.

When and where did your passion for photography start?

In the Czech Republic (my country of birth), when I was 15 years old I received a camera for my birthday and I immediately fell in love with it. Before that I was involved with art, I was drawing and painting a lot, but I never tried photography before. After one year of constant trial and error, I knew that photography is something I would like to do in the future and I have not left it up until today.

What did you notice about the different working methods of the choreographers?

As I think that every piece is reflecting the mindset of the choreographer, there were many differences but also similarities in the pieces. What I found particularly interesting was when there were extra elements added to the choreographies. For instance, in Dimo’s piece, wooden sticks were attached to a dancer’s hands and were coordinated by another dancer, which suddenly made the choreography very layered and introspective. Also, Ihsan’s use of a reflective floor and mirrors set a particularly intriguing and surreal atmosphere. These small elements made a huge impact on my perception of the piece, and I think they can engage the audience in an extraordinary way. On the other hand, in Juliano’s piece, I noticed there was a big emphasis on physicality which was further exaggerated by eccentric dance moves and forms where all the dancers were dancing at the same time to strongly rhythmic and dynamic music. His piece made me particularly aware of how certain moves are beyond ordinary which left me astonished.

What inspired you most during the rehearsal period?

During the rehearsal period I conceived the exhibition theme "extremes", and I tried to observe the pieces through this lens. What I found particularly surprising and inspiring was the fact that while I came with my own ideas of what the concept of "extreme" is, the choreographies challenged my own view by showing me different forms of what an extreme can be. 

How did you translate this into your photos?

I tried to structure the exhibition based on the different forms of extremes that the choreographies introduced to me, and combined them with my own artistic vision on the theme. One of the sections focuses on extremes in terms of color contrasts where the viewer has to come closer to see the details and what is exactly happening in the images. There are also two images which are a layered experiment, an extreme in terms of both dance and photography where it can be questioned again what people actually see. Another section displays emotional intensities/extremes in dance that I observed in the pieces. And the last part concentrates on the physical extremes in dance, the "wow" poses of physicality, something a "normal" person can't do. By exposing the process of exploring "extremes" in dance and photography, I hope to also inspire the viewers to experience this concept in their own way.

What are your dreams for the future?

My dream is to do what I love, and that to me is photography.

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