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Flora, Lucifer, Nebula, Dew

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The inexhaustibly creative Japanese dancer and choreographer Kenzo Kusuda is a unique phenomenon in the world of dance. His performances and dance style are personal, poetic, and often breathtakingly intense. With Flora, Lucifer, Nebula, Dew, Kenzo presents a new program for which he collaborated with four completely different dancers hailing from China, India, Bolivia, and Senegal. Moved by natural phenomena and memories, he created a solo with each dancer; together, these will be presented in one full-length program.

Together with the Senegalese dancer Alioune Diagne, Kenzo dives into a cherished childhood memory in Flora. A memory of the unconditional love he received as a child from his dog ‘Flora’. It was only later that he understood that Flora also means flower. There are no words or actions for him that can describe the magic and astonishment of the significance of flowers in this world. Alioune takes you into a fragrant world full of vitality and joy, as a tribute to unconditional love.

The Latin word ‘Lucifer’ means bearer of light. It’s the name of the Fallen Angel, but also of the morning star that lights the earth at daybreak. Like man, a flame also consumes oxygen as nourishment for life energy. Together with Indian dancer Revanta Sarabhai, Kenzo opened a dialogue with fire. It dances and moves, it brings light to darkness and literally sheds light on others and yourself. However, it also shows how far removed we are from each other. Was that Lucifer’s diabolical intent? Or does light reveal the world’s beauty?

Kenzo was astonished and overwhelmed when the Bolivian dancer Carmen Collazos Moyano began to sing a Japanese folksong for him. His thoughts went back to his homeland, and the origin of our existence. Astronomists say that we originate from the cosmos, finding our beginnings in the stars after the Supernova explosion, as children of weightless stardust (Nebula) before a star is born and after it dies. Sometimes the things that weigh the most are no longer there.

For the Chinese dancer Nannan Liu, Kenzo created a solo inspired by a very small, recurring natural phenomena, dew. The drops of moisture that collect on the leaves at the moment of the day when the first sunbeams chase away the night. The tension of a hanging drop just before it falls into oblivion. A drop that falls in silence, that falls on the surface of a lake and disperses in a perfect circle. With one little drop the world swings and streams as if making love.

PAY WHAT YOU WANT at October 13
Would you like to decide for yourself what to pay for a performance? This coming season the hype from the United States arrives in Korzo. Once or twice a month Korzo takes up the challenge and leaves the ticket price up to the audience. With this, Korzo opens its door even wider and challenges the public to try out performances, discover artists, and be the first to experience something new. You decide after the performance how much it was worth to you. This way, you always pay an honest price. Talk about hospitality! Reserve your tickets by phone, 070-3637540 of by e-mail

choreography Kenzo Kusuda | dance Alioune Diagne | costume Bernadette Corstens | music Kenzo Kusuda, Masayuki Yamada, Nao Ikeda, Giovanni Paisiello I light Peter Lemmens

choreography Kenzo Kusuda | dance Revanta Sarabhai  | costume Jookje Zweedijk | music Kenzo Kusuda , Masayuki Yamada I light Peter Lemmens

choreography Kenzo Kusuda | dance Carmen Collazos Moyano   | costume Jookje Zweedijk | music Nannan Liu, Carmen Collazos Moyano, Kenzo Kusuda, Ivo BolI light Peter Lemmens

choreography Kenzo Kusuda | dance Nannan Liu  | costume Jookje Zweedijk | music Oene van Geel I light Peter Lemmens

Thanks to Maaike Cotterink, Boukje Schweigman, Company Vidanza (Cochabamba / La Paz Bolivia)  | A special thanks to Leo Spreksel for conceiving and facilitating this international and intercultural exchange project.

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