Rewire Festival 2017

Gábor Lázár, Torus & Nikki Hock, HOEK & Dieter Vandoren, AGF & Kubra Khademi, Kobe van Cauwenberghe, Igor C Silva & Trash Panda Collective

Rewire is een jaarlijks festival voor avontuurlijke muziek in Den Haag. Het festival presenteert een breed programma met de focus op hedendaagse elektronische muziek, neo-klassieke muziek, new jazz, experimentele pop, geluidskunst en multidisciplinaire samenwerkingsverbanden. Het programma bestaat uit speciale concerten, performances, een club programma, filmvertoningen, lezingen en workshops. Rewire strijkt gedurende twee dagen ook in Korzo neer.


19.30 - 00.00 (tijden ovb)
Gábor Lázár presents A Trap For Your Attention
Torus & Nikki Hock
HOEK & Dieter Vandoren


18.30 - 23.00 (tijden ovb)
AGF & Kubra Khademi
Kobe van Cauwenberghe presents No [More] Pussyfooting
Igor C Silva & Trash Panda Collective

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Gábor Lázár presents A Trap For Your Attention

With his intensely minimalist computer-generated music and abrasive synth tones, Budapest-based sound artist Gábor Lázár is single-handedly constructing the future of electronic music. Deconstructing rave sounds into rich and repetitive sound sculptures, Gábor Lázár bridges the gap between conceptual composition and dance motivated club culture. At Rewire, the Hungarian artist walks a slightly different path, presenting kaleidoscopic light and sound installation A Trap For Your Attention.

Torus & Nikki Hock

Torus is the ever-evolving alter ego of The Hague-born artist and producer Joeri Woudstra. Debuting with a self-titled EP in 2012, Torus has gradually refined his expansive sonic aesthetic with each subsequent release. At this year’s festival, he’s joined by Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary artist Nikki Hock. Moving between reality and the metaphysical in search of other worlds, Nikki Hock sculpts the spaces and environments around him to create experiential landscapes. For Rewire 2017, the duo have developed an immersive light installation, replete with overstimulating, asynchronous strobes.

HOEK & Dieter Vandoren

Rewire initiated the collaboration between Amsterdam based producer HOEK (Casimir Geelhoed) and Belgian artist, performer and developer Dieter Vandoren. During Rewire 2017, HOEK’s abstract ambience and exceptional rhythms will find their way into Vandoren’s play of spatial dimensions, with a strong focus on the embodied aspects of performance.


AGF & Kubra Khademi

Performing as AGF, German poet, vocalist and new media artist Antye Greie explores speech and spoken word within the depths of electronic music. At Rewire 2017, she’s joined by Kubra Khademi, an Afghan performance artist who examines her life as a refugee and woman by creating public performances that respond to extreme patriarchal politics. Together they present the world premiere of their new project, a truly subconscious work that fuses Khademi’s politically-charged performances with AGF’s distinctive sound art to address womenhood, white supremacy and intersectional feminism.

Kobe van Cauwenberghe presents No [More] Pussyfooting

Antwerp native Kobe van Cauwenberghe is a guitar virtuoso. Interpreting, improvising, arranging for both electric and acoustic, he performs with electric guitar-quartet Zwerm, the Nadar Ensemble and experimental duo Oh Mensch. At Rewire 2017, Kobe van Cauwenberghe presents ‘No [More] Pussyfooting’, a live rendition of Brian Eno and Robert Fripp’s classic, pre-ambient studio-albums No Pussyfooting and Evening Star. Using contemporary technology in combination with the original “frippertronics” set-up of two reel-to-reel tape-recorders – played by Johan Vandermaelen – Kobe van Cauwenberghe restores these gems of experimental repertoire.

Igor C Silva & Trash Panda Collective

Igor C Silva is a Porto-born composer devoted to electronics and new media music. A recent graduate of the Amsterdam Conservatory, he composes expansive multimedia works in which performers, computers, psychedelia, noise and improvisation come together to create breathtaking sensory experiences. He’s also the founder of Trash Panda Collective, a twelve piece ensemble dedicated to acts of subversion. At Rewire 2017, Igor C Silva and a condensed four piece delegation of the collective, featuring a flute, saxophone, electric bass and percussion, perform two of his unique pieces, Smart Alienation and Your Trash.

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